The Human Rights Commission spent the morning with Barack Obama! At least he felt close and that served us well as we discussed human rights and responsibilities with the amazing students and teachers from Purvis Primary at the Bermuda National Gallery. The setting was extra special thanks to the incredible creations of Shepard Fairey, and the beautifully curated artwork on display in the gallery featuring local and international work reflecting art as activism. If you haven’t checked out the exhibit, take a moment to visit and soak it up.

Young people wisdom from our session together:

“But why does the Human Rights Commission do so much work with grown-ups? Don’t grown-ups know that they shouldn’t bully or be mean to each other??”

“Doesn’t everyone know it’s what’s on the inside that counts?!”

“Sometime it is easier to draw how I feel than to say it, art is good like that”.

Thank you to the BNG Education Officer Dany Pen and the Bermuda National Gallery for hosting us, and thank you to the students for reminding us grown folk to be and do better.

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