The Human Rights Amendment Act, 2021


The recent amendments to Bermuda’s human rights legislation mark an important step in ensuring that Bermuda has an independent Human Rights Tribunal that can efficiently and expertly adjudicate cases for
the protection of human rights in Bermuda.

The amendments create a clear separation between the Tribunal and the Commission. They will ensure that any person appointed as a Commissioner is ineligible to be appointed as a member of the Tribunal at the same time (or for 2 years after the end of their appointment). Instead, the Tribunal members will be separately appointed by a Selection and Appointment Committee (also independent of the Commission).

The amendments also provide a firm legislative basis for the establishment of the Tribunal and its powers, procedure and practice. Many provisions contained within the Trade Union and Labour Relations (Consolidation) Act 2020 that created the new Employment and Labour Relations Tribunal have been adopted for consistency but tailored to the needs of Bermuda’s human rights framework where necessary.

The Executive Officer of the Commission comments: “I welcome these changes that will enhance the protection of human rights in Bermuda for everyone, promote efficiency in the administration of the Human Rights Tribunal and, above all, enable us to have a fully functioning Tribunal to adjudicate fairly and wisely the many difficult and important complaints that are brought to the Commission’s attention by the Bermuda public.”

The Human Rights Commission has a statutory remit to protect and promote human rights under the Human Rights Act, 1981. As the National Human Rights Institution for Bermuda, our mission is to protect and honour human rights and to advocate for the elimination of discrimination through education and enforcement.

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